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October 21, 2016
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About the Professional Firefighters of Keene

The Professional Firefighters of Keene were organized as a local of the International Association of Firefighters on September 18th 1989. The city was contemplating the implementation of a public safety administrator, which would have eliminated the fire chief position. The body of firefighters and officers felt that this would be detrimental to the citizens of Keene, and realized they needed resources from outside the area to assist them. The International Association of Firefighters was able to provide the investigative resources and personnel to assist in preventing the transition to a public safety administration.

Over the last twenty years the members of the Professional Firefighters of Keene have contributed to the community through various humanitarian efforts, such as monetary donations, fundraisers, and scholarships. The Professional Firefighters of Keene have also maintained oversight over city operations to ensure that the best possible service is being provided to our city’s citizens and her guests. The local prides itself on the strong working relationship with the City of Keene’s leaders, and it always happy to assist them in any way.

In 2007 the Professional Firefighters of Keene successfully prevented the movement of the Central Station to the proposed 350 Marlboro Street building. The Professional Firefighters of Keene published a stunning rebuttal to a report made by a Massachusetts consulting group stating that response times would not be effected. The city's report utilized obsolete mapping software, and was based on hypothesis. The city expended over 25,000 dollars for the detailed report on how to streamline operations. The PFFK with the International Association of Firefighters and their state of the art GIS software, and applicable national standards countered the report effectively undermining its credibility to the City leaders. The rebuttal and new data came at a large expense to the local, however at no impact to our taxpayers. While the cost impacted the local’s finances, the benefit in the safety to the people we protect was worth every penny.

While the mission organized labor is to protect the worker and ensure his rights, the Professional Firefighters of Keene elevates the protection of their citizens to the same priority. We strive to ensure the safety all who inhabit and conduct business in the City of Keene, and we perform our duties with the pride and professionalism one would expect from career firefighters. The citizens of Keene can be assured the we will always “Serve our community with pride”.

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Professional Firefighters of Keene
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